Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A reaction to cinnamon or contamination?

So here is another confusing and frustrating symptom. This morning I fed Little Z cream of rice with cinnamon and sugar. I have been holding off on adding cinnamon to his food lately because a few weeks ago I gave him cinnamon and sugar rice for breakfast, and he became very fussy and had the usual distended stomach/diarrhea. Without thinking about it this morning, I added it to his cereal and he seemed to enjoy it; however, by the time he was done eating it, his face was bright red where the gooey cereal had stuck to his skin.

So now the question is: is he allergic to cinnamon, or is it made in a facility that works with a food that bothers him? There is nothing disclosed on the packaging, but as my celiac sister-in-law pointed out: you don't have to say if you process something on the same line as say rye (which has gluten, and because it is not one of the “top 8” doesn't have to be disclosed).

Ugh. The frustrations never seem to end with Little Z's food issues.

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