Friday, October 30, 2009

Fiorella's Jackstack - Plaza Location, Kansas City, MO

Whenever my in-laws, who are from Minnesota, are in town, we love to eat at Fiorella's Jack Stack. Jack Stack is an award-winning Kansas City BBQ restaurant. When my in-laws said they wanted to eat a Fiorella's, I thought that I would end up just staying home with Little Z, so I didn't have to deal with bringing him cold food to the restaurant, while we enjoyed our delicious barbecue. However, I called ahead, fully thinking I would have to stay home, but I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful and knowledgeable the kitchen manager was. I also was surprised to find out that their sauces and rubs are gluten free.

The kitchen manager was amazing, and had had some firsthand experiences with allergies, so he knew how to prepare and cook for my son. When we arrived, he greeted our table, suggested we order the meat plate from the child's menu (either the beef brisket or turkey because it didn't come in a brine) and he specially made a baked potato (their baked potatoes are usually coated in a soy butter before baking). The kitchen manager went out of his way to help us, and in fact, personally prepared my son's food!

Amazing. Fiorella's has been the best restaurant where allergies are concerned that I have come across.
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