Friday, April 9, 2010

I really am back this time!

So, I have been gone from this blog a really long time. At first I was really busy with design classes, and then my computer broke. I finally got it fixed in January, but I still ignored my site. I was burned out and depressed from a really hard semester and the fact that Little Z seemed to be having reactions to food all the time. I felt like he was never going to get better. I was feeling isolated because every time I seemed to take him somewhere – a friend's house, the babysitter, gym daycare, church nursery – he would be fussy, have diarrhea and have trouble sleeping for several days (not to mention the bloody diaper rashes)!!! I started to feel like I was being selfish for taking him out of the house! I got to the point where I just kept procrastinating and wondered weather I would really even continue with this site.

Well, this is what I am hoping – this will be the year that Z outgrows his food intolerances and we can live normally again! I really hope that within the next 6 months, I will no longer have to blog about all his food problems!!!

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